Digi-Starter -workshop
Getting started with Google Ads & Facebook

Do you want to get started with digital marketing but have no clue how to do it and where to begin? Or do you have some knowledge but need more support to get you going?

This workshop not only supports you in taking the first steps in digital marketing, but also gives you campaign ideas and a framework for your inbound marketing plan.

This workshop is perfect for you if you need concrete support and guidance in getting started with digital marketing, taking the very first steps with Google Ads and Facebook.

At first we look into your inbound marketing strategy and then learn how to create campaigns both on Google Ads and Facebook.


- framework for your inbound marketing strategy is done.
- you will have campaigns up and running in both Google Ads and Facebook.
- you have the basic knowledge to update, follow and create new campaigns.


How does it work?

1. Personal Business and marketing consultancy (before the first workshop day)

- Business insights and ideas for marketing campaign materials.
- Preparations for the workshop days.

2. Workshop DAY 1

- Inbound marketing plan (framework)
- Getting started with Google Ads
- Keywords
- Google Search campaign set up (1 campaign)
- Collecting data / Google Analytics introduction

3. Workshop DAY 2
- Getting started with Facebook campaigns
- Campaign ideas on FB
- FB campaign set up (1 campaign)

✂︎ Workshops are bespoke according to each company needs.

Sounds good? 
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