Other work & projects

Gaiam yoga & wellness products

Sales partner for Finland 12/2017-08/2019

Opening the sales at S Group and Prisma - the largest distribution chain in Finland. Plus an online store: treenikauppa.fi


Personal Shopper Ulla Hirvas

2019: Marketing consultancy 
- getting started with Google Ads & Facebook campaigns

Astan avulla olen saanut työlleni näkyvyyttä ja ennen kaikkea uusia asiakkaita! Aion jatkossakin kääntyä Astan puoleen asioissa, joissa omat taitoni ja aikani ei riitä! Astalla riittää ideoita ja kun yksin tekee, niin todella ihanaa, kun on ”toiset aivot” välillä kaverina. - Ulla Hirvas



Taloushallinta Uniikki

01/2018 - 05/2018
Project: Uniikki Lab meeting space, promotion & sales start-up. 

Uniikki Lab

Aqva Finland Oy

Project: SoMe strategy & content production, marketing campaigns & sales materials


Before Lavli Business - The precious "learning experience" on my journey towards entrepreneurship:

Comtiki Oy - Flightplan 

This is a perfect example of how far I go out my comfort zone to conquer a challenging case (Australia as a location was pretty big plus too 😎). 

01/2009 – 05/2010
Country Director, Australia & New Zealand

Launching Flightplan software to Australian and New Zealand Helicopter operator markets from scratch. I was a one-woman organisation, taking care of all marketing and sales activities; from market research to exhibitions, customer meetings to closing deals and finally to software implementation. I reported to the CEO.

  • Within one year I succeeded to get pilot customers in both Australian and NZ markets.
  • I was also producing Comtiki’s marketing materials and supporting Flightplan software to meet Australian requirements.

    BTW because of this work project, while living in Australia, I found Lorna Jane activewear brand and eventually got the courage to start my own business.

    Marinetek Group - Marinetek Finland Oy – Marinetek Marinas Oy – New Port Keilalahti Oy

    01/2003 -12/2008
    Marketing Manager, Board member 2008

    I started as a Marketing and Sales Assistant and then Marketing Manager and eventually also a Member of the Board.

    I was part of building Marinetek’s international success story. I was responsible for all marketing and communication activities, events and expos, including budget responsibility and strategic planning. I was reporting to the CEO. In addition, I was responsible for Marinetek Marinas Oy and New Port Keilalahti Oy's operations and administration.

    • During my time at Marinetek the company’s revenue tripled, from 6 million to 18 million euros.
    • Comprehensive brand renewal with all new marketing tools and implementing it for subsidiaries in nine different countries.
    • Connecting force for subsidiaries and distributors in 15 countries, and responsible for brand management and marketing support.
    • Organised annual Marinetek summits and numerous exhibitions around Europe.

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