Outsourced CMO / Project Manager

I believe in growth through customer-centric business plans and exploiting digital channels and data. But most importantly, I believe in the real connection between people. 

Instead of hiring a full time CMO, Business or Project Manager, you can have one at hand for the exact amount of time you need. This can be part-time or for projects. 

Whether you need help with your marketing strategy or project management, I can help. Projects can be e.g.:

I am passionate about developing customer experiences. I have extensive knowledge in sales & marketing and I am constantly educating myself more in digitalisation change management and digital marketing. 

Tasks that I have done over the years: 

• Budgeting
• Business plans
• Marketing strategies, Inbound (digi and non-digi)
• Customer experience development
• Concept design (business plan, product mix, services, interior design)
• Customer service
• Sales online and face-to-face
• New market entries & product launches
• Networking & connecting people
• Numerous business collaborations

• Inbound & customer acquisition in digital channels 
• Digital marketing (e.g. FB, Google Ads)
• Social media content and campaigns
• Email marketing
• Data analysis (Google Analytics)
• Marketing automation (Hubspot)
• E-commerce

• Marketing materials (Canva/ InDesign)
• Branding, brand renewals
• Brand management & localisation 

• Media & PR relations
• Customer events, sales events, exhibitions, seminars

Digital tools & platforms I have used:

MS Office / InDesign / Canva /Google Ads / Google Analytics / Hubspot / Shopify / Mailchimp / Facebook Business Manager /FB & Instagram / Animoto / Teachable / Kajabi / Wix / Campwire / MyCashflow


I have worked as an outsourced CMO for Nordic Fit Mama & Riina Laaksonen (above) since March 2018. Outsourcing marketing executives is a very cost effective and risk free option especially for the small and middle size companies. 

★ Please read more about Nordic Fit Mama case here.
☆ And read more about me here.

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